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    Kamchatka: 10 places every tourist should visit
    Kamchatka Peninsula is not only “far from everywhere”. It is also unique natural landscapes, healing springs, hunting, fishing, ancient ways and customs of local residents ... Kamchatka Peninsula You can…

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    Teenagers staged fecal terror in Spain’s public pools
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    Visa to France by invitation: how to get, what documents?

    In this article I will share my own experience in applying for a visa to France at the invitation of a private person – a French citizen …

    A visa was issued 2 times, the first – in 2017, the second – 2018, the third – in August 2019, independently through the French Visa Center in Moscow, located at 64 Prospekt Mira. In general, there are 18 visa centers in Russia, a list of them can be found on the official France Visa Application Center website: france-visas.gouv.fr/web/en/a-qui-sadresser

    In October 2017, I had my first trip to France and to the Schengen country, that is, I never had a Schengen in my passport before. Therefore, I decided then to prepare thoroughly, I did not want to get a visa denial. The second time was easier, since the passport already had a six-month Schengen, as well as marks on 2 visits to France.

    The first version of this article was written immediately after receiving the first visa, but when I was faced with the need to get a new visa, I realized that a lot had changed recently, and my memo was not quite relevant even for me. In general, therefore, I decided to update this article.


    STEP 1: go to the website of the visa center france-visas.gouv.fr register on it by clicking on the button “My personal account” in the upper right corner.

    Then you will be taken to a page on which you need to click the “Create a new application or a new group of applications” button.

    You will see a new page “Request Form”, on which there will be a button “Access”.

    By clicking on this button you will be taken to a profile of 5 bookmarks (pages): Your plans – Your information – Your last visa – Your stay – Your contacts. It will be necessary to fill it all out and save it at the end. Thus, you can print out an already completed application form and a memo from the Visa Application Center, with a list of documents required to apply. That is, you do not need to fill out the questionnaire manually, they will not be accepted anyway!

    STEP 2: sign up on the website of the visa center for the submission of documents. To do this, you need to register on his website. Then fill out the application form for filing documents (select the city and type of visa requested – tourism or a guest visit by invitation up to 90 days – this is Short Stay Visa). Select the date of visit, you will receive a confirmation email. Print it out and take it with you to the visa center, show the guards at the entrance later.

    In practice, I didn’t immediately succeed in registering there a second time, the site sent me somewhere all the time. In general, an hour later it finally happened. But I couldn’t sign up for a specific time, this feature was not there, only the day could be chosen, that is, it was either a system failure or now they have it. In general, I did not begin to record, but simply went to the Visa Application Center on Prospekt Mira to go through in a live queue. But from May 15, 2019, this will not happen anymore, now everything is strictly by appointment! if you can’t make an appointment to submit documents via the website, you can do this by calling: +7 499 703 4974, +7 499 704 3556
    List of documents for a visa to France by invitation for the Russians:
    1. Application form (2 copies): filled out directly on the site and signed by the applicant (3 or 4 signatures, identical signatures in the passport).

    Here, fill in according to the model, though I got confused in paragraph 24 – in which it was necessary to choose which entry I needed: Single – Double – Multiple, as well as the number of days. I had an invitation for 90 days, and the trip was planned from November 24 to December 03. Considering that I didn’t have a Schengen in my passport before, I couldn’t choose for a long time, worrying that if I applied for the first visa and immediately multiple-entry, then they would refuse at all. As a result, I went to the visa center with an unfilled point – I decided to consult with a specialist when submitting documents. In general, he advised to deliver multiple, and for 90 days (since I had an invitation for 90 days).
    Well, you need to sign in 4 places, if you request a multiple visa.

    Sample application form (blank)

    Sample completed application

    2. A passport valid for at least 3 months after the end of the planned trip, with at least 2 blank pages (+ 2 pages per child inscribed in the passport).

    I handed over the original passport and one copy of the photo page.
    3. Two photos according to the OACI / ISO standard: 4.5X3.5 cm, color, on a light monophonic background.

    I cut out two photos, attached a paper clip to my passport.
    4. Insurance policy for Schengen for the entire duration of the trip. Sum insured – at least 30,000 euro, including repatriation and hospitalization coverage. If you apply for a multiple entry visa, the policy is issued only for the first trip; for the following – fill out in front of them, as she may be asked to present at the passport control.

    Issued for 10 days. The cheapest insurance was at Tinkoff.
    5. Internal passport – a copy of the page with a photo, with a registration and all pages with marks. Marked pages only !!


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